I offer the full range of services in China to help overseas companies overcome their business challenges and access the Chinese market. The cost of my services depends on the amount and complexity of work, and might be discussed only if common interests are maintained and secured. I provide the following services in any region of China:


Nowadays, many businessmen in an effort to save money prefer to search for suppliers in China by themselves, using English versions of well known trading platforms, such as Alibaba, MadeInChina and others. Increased remoteness between buyer and seller opens up possibilities of fraud, as there are many dishonest suppliers at Alibaba, even among those who have purchased Gold Supplier status.

Choosing the right supplier is the first and fundamental step in doing business with China. Over the years of doing business in China, I used to deal with various types of goods and equipment, I’ve visited many factories and exhibitions, therefore accumulated a significant supplier database.

I provide a complete sourcing solution to the companies that are interested in doing business with China. If you are looking for a supplier who produce some specific product, or a qualified supplier to manufacture your own designed product, feel free to contact me!

Factory audit

A factory audit service is designed to help importers verify the various claims made by potential suppliers and analyze their capabilities, so they can have full confidence before signing a contract.

Factory inspection is suitable for buyers who are either placing large orders or intend to work with a supplier on a regular basis, so that involves physical audit of the factory and verification of their documents, licenses, production lines, quality management system and other factors.

Virtual exhibition assistance

The world’s biggest expo centers are located in Shanghai, where the large-scale international trade fairs and exhibitions are being held. In my opinion, attending an exhibition is the best way to find new suppliers, acquire potential partners and get familiar with the latest trends and innovations.

This service allows you to get complete information about an exhibition and its participants without leaving your office. Upon the request, I will attend the exhibitions and fairs on your behalf, collect a full set of documents (business cards, catalogs, brochures and others) from each exhibitor you are interested in. All collected materials will be sent to your office. Additionally, I can leave your business cards or any other advertisement of your company at each stand.

Quality inspection

As an increasing amount of importers find their suppliers online and close transactions without any physical communication, quality inspection is very important and can greatly reduce the business risks. The following are some of the most common quality control services: initial production inspection, during production inspection, final random inspection, pre-shipment inspection, loading inspection. Some of the key inspection criteria:

  • Prevent wrong goods shipped
  • Prevent incorrect quantity shipped
  • Check for damaged merchandise or packaging
  • Check consistency with the packing list and bill of lading
  • Document any possible damage to merchandise during the loading process

I will check if the goods correspond with description or sample and meet the standard set by the client, so that defected items are spotted before it’s too late.

Interpreter services

The huge number of factories are located at the industrial parks of Shanghai and neighboring provinces JiangSu and ZheJiang. The large-scale international trade fairs and exhibitions are held in Shanghai on the regular basis. These factors are attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world to the Eastern China.

If you’re planning a business trip to mainland China, you will need a professional interpreter by your side, which will help your trip go smoothly and efficiently. I’m providing interpreting and translation services during meetings, negotiations, factory tours or at the exhibitions in Shanghai and its vicinity.

Interpreter and driver

If your business trip involves multiple cities, you might consider renting a car for more convenient and flexible travel. Since China doesn’t recognize any foreign driver’s licenses, you will require a Chinese driving license in order to drive in the Mainland. Only foreigners with a valid residence permit can apply for a Chinese driver’s license. Therefore visitors and tourists are not allowed to drive in China.

I offer an interpreter behind-the-wheel service in all of the major Chinese cities. The vehicle will be booked according to your requirements. Additionally, toll gate, gasoline and parking fees should be paid.

Document translation

Doing business with Chinese often involves translation of documents, such as contracts, agreements, user manuals, drawings and other legal and technical documentation. I can provide rapid and quality document translation service from English to Chinese and vice versa.

Business travel planning

If you are planning a business trip to China, I'm ready to provide the following organizational support: route planning, make a hotel reservation, book domestic train/airline tickets, arrange airport transportation, rent a car, and so on. There are many amazing tourist attractions in China, so you might as well consider to combine business and leisure travel. In this case I can be your tour guide around the country.

Logistics support

Through the years of practical work in handling shipments for my clients, I have established an extensive network of carriers, customs brokers and forwarders. Thus, I can provide a full range of logistics support to cover all your business needs.